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ABC Nursery, Bangsar

by on 28/03/2017

“Bye mummy, daddy,” the child utters as he runs into the waiting arms of the teacher who is waiting at the gate. The gate closes behind them with a ‘chink’ and the child is led up a tiled pathway and into the bungalow. In the mornings, this scene is repeatedly replayed as parents drop off their children at ABC Nursery. ABC is a registered Early Childhood Education Centre with a history that stretches back over three decades which caters to children from as young as two months to six years.


The grounds of ABC Nursery seem cocooned in tranquility, a million miles from the hustle and bustle of everyday drudgery. The well-maintained lawns and hedges plus its fully matured palm trees, interspersed with specially designed child-safe playsets, exude a quiet and calmness that is unique.


Walking up to the bungalow, there is something about it that draws you in, like a warm hug or a cosy fireplace. Warm colours prevail, browns, blacks, dark blues, reds. But these are tempered with generous splashes of whites on all the walls – a perfect combination of colours that at once warms and welcomes you. We enter and are greeted by Madam Jayanthi, the founder and principal. Madam Jayanthi exudes confidence and is composed, welcoming and calm.


One of the main contributing factors to the success of ABC Nursery is its ‘prepared environment’ where the Montessori based curriculum is integrated with a thematic and play based approach to learning. ABC’s curriculum and programmes are well prepared, child centric and holistic. Its classes are small and divided into learning centres where trained and dedicated teachers provide direction to ensure a rich and balanced learning experience for the child. In applying the 3Es concept, Explore, Experiment and Experience, teachers not only nurture but also encourage and support the child’s learning process thus helping the young children to achieve success and joy in learning.


A lot of time and effort has gone into creating a ‘prepared environment’. This becomes inherently obvious starting from its well-maintained lush green surroundings, its child size play sets, tables and chairs to its more than adequate open spaces for circle time and for the children to move around easily and comfortably, everything is arranged and designed to create an optimal environment that supports and encourages independent learning and exploration.


There are properly designated storage areas for the children’s bags and shoes, the shelves are well stocked with Montessori resources and books on various themes plus the flow from one area to the next is seamless. The displays on the walls are informative and educational plus a smattering of works produced by the children themselves.


As it was meal time, we observed that the children were very well behaved at the table with proper table manners. They interacted very well among themselves and were neither timid nor shy when they were asked their names and what they were eating. We glanced at Madam Jayanthi and she, like a proud mother, smiled sweetly back at us. No words were required, her smile had said it all.


Madam Jayanthi is a fully trained and qualified Montessorian who wears many hats. She has a Child Psychology and Masters degree in Education. She is the first President and also a life member of The Association of Registered Childcare Providers in Malaysia, a trainer for Early Childhood Development Programme for the Ministry of Women, Family and Community Development and she also lectures and consults. “This is my way of giving back to the community the love and support that they have shown me through the years. However, ABC Nursery is my love and my passion and will remain so.”


ABC Nursery, Bangsar

No. 280, Lorong Maarof
Bukit Bandaraya
Bukit Bandaraya, Bangsar, Kuala Lumpur 59000
03-2095 XXX
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